WP4BL welcomes people of all cultural identities and backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, spiritual beliefs, family structures, ages, educational and class statuses, and mental and physical health and abilities.

WP4BL is actively working on making our group more accessible and recognize we may not have provided all the necessary information. If you have any accessibility needs, please contact us directly.

General Meeting Location Accessibility:  Our General Meeting location is wheelchair accessible. There are gender-neutral, wheelchair accessible restrooms. See below for more information on reimbursement for travel expenses to/from meetings if such costs pose a barrier to attending.

Family-Friendly Policies: White People 4 Black Lives attempts to make our space as accessible as possible, which includes ensuring parents with children can attend general meetings, so during our general meetings, we offer childcare.

Nursing is welcome in our meetings and we can facilitate access to a more private lactation space if you prefer. Please let us know of your needs in advance so that we can coordinate.  

Fragrance-Free: Help us make WP4BL accessible to as many people as possible by coming as fragrance-free as possible. We highly encourage you to avoid using scented products before coming to WP4BL meetings or events. See below for more information about why we are fragrance free.

Class Accessibility: WP4BL embraces the SURJ value of centering class, which we recognize is deeply tied to ending white supremacy. We welcome members from all class backgrounds, and prioritize leadership development for members from poor and working class backgrounds. 

Some of our class accessibility measures include: carpooling to meetings, transportation reimbursement (see details in next paragraph), free communal food at meetings, a class committee with class affinity groups (poor and working class & middle and owning class), and a glossary of terms to define terminology at meetings.

We understand that the cost of traveling to and from meetings, events and actions can be a barrier to participation for some folks. We are happy to offer reimbursement for parking, gas and/or public transportation to anyone who needs it. Please refer to this document for more details about this policy and instructions on how to submit a request for reimbursement.

To read about SURJ’s commitment to centering the leadership of poor and working class members, click here.

Why Fragrance-Free? We acknowledge the common chemicals in everyday products can harm all of us, some of us more than others. When exposed to synthetic scents, some people have symptoms like allergies, asthma, difficulty breathing, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and more.

When we come to WP4BL having used products on our bodies or clothing that include fragrances or chemicals, those who are allergic or more sensitive are faced with the choice to stay and get sick or leave and be excluded. Help us make WP4BL accessible to all by coming fragrance free.

Tips for showing up fragrance-free:

  • Wear clothes laundered in fragrance-free laundry detergent

  • Use fragrance-free soap, shampoo and hair products, and lotion

  • Avoid cologne, aftershave lotion, and perfume

  • Test products you use with your nose or ask a friend with a good sense of smell. Many products are mistakenly marked “unscented” or “fragrance-free” (but actually contain masking scents that can be very harmful)

For more information and tips about being fragrance free, please see